Visa offers VIP deals for World Expo

Visa offers VIP deals for World Expo

Singapore, 1 June 2010 – Visa has tied up with China travel specialists Peregrine Travel Group to offer Visa Commercial cardholders a wide range of exclusive all-inclusive travel packages and priority access passes to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

Executives can use their Visa Commercial card to purchase customized travel packages which include luxury hotel accommodation, round-trip airport transfers and tickets to the World Expo.

These range from week-long to 13-day packages including a leisure itinerary. Visa Commercial cardholders who wish to bypass the queues at the Expo can also buy a World Expo VIP Access package drop off at the World Expo’s doorstepa and entry to the World Expo through a separate entrance from other visitors. The Diamond Package will include a visit to the China Pavilion, by appointment. Additional concierge services are also available.

John Hazlewood, Director of Small Business, Visa Commercial Solutions, Asia Pacific, said: “The Shanghai World Expo is the world’s largest exhibition fair and provides the perfect opportunity for business visitors to build their professional networks.

“Visa’s deal with Peregrine Travel enables us to provide travel packages which are designed to smooth the way for Visa Commercial cardholders travelling to the World Expo. With special entry to the pavilions and all their travel arrangements taken care of, Visa Commercial cardholders are free to focus on their business priorities.”

Paul Lam, CEO of Peregrine Travel Group: “Our focus is to serve as a one stop concierge to Visa commercial cardholders for all their travel needs to the World Expo. We can also help businesses to set up hospitality programs using the Shanghai World Expo as a platform. We want to enhance the experience Visa cardholders enjoy through access to special travel products and privileges in China, Asia and North America. Our focus is on service, value, unique products and access.”

Business visitors with time to enjoy the sights can add to their World Expo experience with guided side trips to famous attractions such as the West Lake in Hangzhou and the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.

Organizers of the Expo 2010 Shanghai China are expecting some 70 million visitors, or a daily average of 380,000 people, over the next six months2, including thousands of executives seeking to explore business opportunities in China.

In line with the World Expo’s “Better City, Better Life” theme, Visa and Peregrine Travel are organizing a forum, “Accelerating Commercial Opportunities at the World Expo”. The Forum will provide a platform for business people to hear about how they can develop their business and network. This event will be attended by senior Chinese officials, representatives of Financial Institutions, and business people from many countries. Purchase of forum packages is exclusive to Visa Commercial cardholders.

“This unique opportunity extends the role of Visa Commercial cards,” Visa’s John Hazlewood said. “In addition to offering payment options, Visa Commercial cards can provide cardholders with enhanced value through networking connections and the sharing of information to help businesses grow and prosper”.

Visa Commercial cards offer a wide range of solutions and gives cardholders and businesses the ability to manage expenses, analyze expenditure, reduce costs and improve efficiency for all business-related transactions without the hassle of managing petty cash accounts.

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