How to Sell: River Cruises 2013

How to Sell: River Cruises 2013

Welcome to Cruise News’ How To Sell River Cruise Guide 2013.

How To Sell River Cruises 2013

It is well documented that the river cruise sector is growing at the fastest rate of any other market within the cruise industry.  Recently the Passenger Shipping Association published its annual statistics showing that the sector had grown by 14% in 2012 alone. No surprise then that an increased number of travel agents are taking an active interest in the developments and key characteristics that can help them sell more.

This guide is the perfect tool for those agents – of varying degrees of knowledge – who are aware of the commission potential that lies within river cruising. Inside you’ll find key interviews, selling tips, a guide to the world’s biggest rivers and a directory with contact details of all the major players.

Happy selling!